011. CAP additional issues

The additional issues which must be raised in England are as follows, as being discussed in Wales.

1. Welsh Ministers have said that they wish to consult with me on a range of issues in Wales. This includes predator control, particularly in the Welsh Uplands, with a dramatic decline in important species. I have raised the issue of making it a condition of accepting Pillar 1 and 2 payments to allow best practice free predator control of the fox and badger, and provide incentives to allow game keeping to control corvids, common raptors, etc. The predator situation is so bad in Wales, they could be the first to move on these issues. The fact that badger vaccination does not work and will not work, is sinking in at the Welsh Assembly.
2. The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) hold game bag records for Wales going back more than a hundred years. In discussion with Director of the Environment Matthew Quinn I promised to make this information available to him. A good lesson for those who still do not understand, or even believe, in managed environments.
3. After consultations with those involved in the management of the Welsh Uplands over ten years, and raising the issues of the devastation on SSSI sites managed by the RSPB and the National Trust with these bodies, I am requesting that Natural Resources Wales insist that these sites are put back into the good condition which existed when they took over the management. This should be a condition of these organisations receiving Pillar 2 payments.
4. In 2000 English Nature in their assessments of SSSI sites considered under-grazing to be as serious a problem as over-grazing. We still hear many complaints blaming over-grazing on the condition of heather, when in fact management neglect and heather beetle is the principal cause of that poor condition. This change in policy in 2001, without consultation, was a criminal act.
5. The treatment of the commoners, graziers and Upland farmers in the demands made upon them by Environmental Agencies has been the criminal abuse of their tenant rights, where they are not compensated by loss of income. Being placed on welfare for no good reason other than the destocking and Upland Clearances of Government and EU policies cannot be allowed to continue. Food security and loss of opportunities to produce viable food across th British Isles is at crisis levels
6. Man-made Global Warming is a global scam being used to ludicrous extents, such as a Climate Change Act costing an unnecessary  £10-15bn a year for 10 years in the UK, and justifying bracken on the grounds that the root rhizomes store carbon. The real evidence of current global cooling and the cosmic ray level impact on low level clouds driven by strength or weakness of the heliosphere magnetic field, needs to be rammed home to those still using the false CO2 arguments. This nonsense was going strong in the energy debate at the National Trust AGM.

Edmund Marriage – British Wildlife Management – 26th November 2013.

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