Badgers and Hedgehogs (2.10.05)

Badgersand Hedgehogs

BRITISH WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT PICTURE LIBRARY Wildlife Trusts - E-card - Bug-eyed Tompot Blenny

Incident out with Devon and Somerset Staghounds

A stag, which was not selected to be tracked by the hounds, came down a hill at top speed to find his path blocked by hunt followers. He misjudged his jump, knocking John Stone, a member of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds, out of his saddle. He was unhurt, re-mounted and was able to continue with the day's hunting. This young stag learnt something positive from the experience, and hunt fulfilled their days task in the superb management of the West Country's wild red deer.

Photographer to date unknown

Deer Road Casualty (25.3.05)

Road Traffic Injury

A motorist hit this young stag at 5.30am on the 11th February 1999 on his way to London Airport. Whilst there is currently no legal obligation to report such incidents and many go un-reported nationally (est. min. deer related injury 20,000 per annum), he did report this incident to the Bridgewater police. As one consequence of the mindless conflict on the deer hunting issue, this incident was not immediately reported to the hunt kennels, as is best traditional practice. A seemingly failed attempt by a very experienced stalker and a single dog, instructed by a land custodian, led to no further action being taken, resulted in this stag suffering until the 27th of February, when within one and a half hours after being seen and reported to the hunt, this distressed animal was humanely dispatched by those best equipped to deal with such problems. I have suggested within my consultations to Government that such incidents come under the category of knowingly causing unnecessary suffering and be subject to criminal investigation and charges being made. Current legislation may require small amendments to make such action possible. Please help publicise the fact that Government will not take sound experienced advice on such matters.

There are a minimum of 20,000 Road Traffic Accident injuries to deer each year, which require in work scent hounds to assist in locating and curtailing suffering. There is no satisfactory national casualty service, and monitoring body, for the important wild mammal species.

This red deer stag was found and shot by the Quantock Stag Hounds on 27th February at Bincombe, Nether Stowey, Somerset, 392 hours after a road traffic accident. The front leg was dangling and broken, the shoulder wound had healed over.

392 hours of unnecessary high degree
non recoverable suffering.

Cormorant (6.12.06)

Chinese Fishermen with their working Cormorants.

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day - Teach a man to fish feed him for a lifetime


Dormice (2.10.05)


Dormice form part of the badger's diet.
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