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What Labour Says About Shooting (added 8.4.05)

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What Labour Says About Shooting - 7.4.05


"There are massive environmental benefits associated with the sports of angling and shooting."
Rural affairs minister Alun Michael MP, in Labour's "Charter for Shooting".

"We want to boost the numbers of people who go fishing and shooting particularly among the young "
Minister for sport Richard Caborn MP, as above.
"Shooting brings huge benefits to the countryside - by managing valuable landscapes preserving bio-diversity and encouraging people to get out and enjoy it."
Parliamentary Secretary for Nature Conservation, Ben Bradshaw MP, as above.
"Shooting appeals to people across a broad social range, including those who vote Labour. A Labour Government should give firm support for responsible, safe and law-abiding shooting sports "
Jack Cunningham MP, as above.
"There is now a strong and, I hope, enduring relationship between the Labour Government and representatives of this wonderful sport. "
Martin Salter MP in the foreword to the draft "Charter for Shooting". In the final version, the word "wonderful' had mysteriously disappeared.
"I feel some pride in the efforts we made."
Alun Michael, in an interview with BBC News last week on the Government's attempts to find a resolution to the hunting debate.
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