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Animal Rights Organisation Targets Shooting (25.9.05)

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Animal Rights Group Targets Shooting

From The Ilkley Gazette and other papers 22.9.05

Call for ban

SIR, - Now that the 2005 shooting season is underway, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation and other pro-shooting lobbyists are adopting a less than credible defensive posture -- pretending that killing millions of birds for sport during the coming winter is a wholesome and environmentally friendly activity.

. . . . thousands of tons of highly toxic lead shot are showered on to the countryside every year as the shooters take aim at their feathered targets.

There is nothing natural or environmentally-friendly about this activity. Itis where factory farming meets blood sports. Animal Aid is calling for a Dutch-style ban on the production of game birds to be shot for sport.

Andrew Tyler

Director - Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Tonbridge, Kent

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