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Knowledge and Beliefs from both sides of the Hunting/Shooting Debate

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Knowledge and Beliefs from both sides of the
Hunting/Shooting Debate


The scent hunting or the tracking down (search phase) aspects of fox hunting causes no stress or trauma to the fox, who must be totally unaware of this major part of the hunt. With the long tracking down or scent hunting over, the real, relatively short chase begins. The dogs easily outpace it within a minute or two and kill it within a second or two. How the fox is located is totally irrelevant to animal welfare considerations. It took me ten years to realize that irrefutable fact - others will never realize it because bigotry, prejudice, narrow mindedness, class animosity and ignorance, blind people to the truth. If it is deemed necessary to kill hares, the use of fast running long dogs is probably the quickest method of killing and has an unharmed escape or a very quick death as an advantage - There is no way that a genuine welfarist can support the killing of foxes by the use of a shotgun - To ban a dog from killing a fox whilst leaving snares in use is perverse to the extreme. - It is even more perverse to remove the most humane method of killing foxes whilst leaving in place methods that so obviously cause much greater and totally unnatural suffering - Richard Course of the LACS, who led moves to ban hunting with dogs for more than 10 years - Submission to Lord Burns.

What I find sick and perverse and downright dishonest is the fact that all of those people actively promoting the banning of hunting know that if hunting is abolished the deer will disappear from the hills - Richard Course on the fate of the West Country red deer - Submission to Lord Burns.

The farmers shot gun and his low powered rifle are rarely one shot killers - the benefit of a high powered rifle is that it will usually prevent the escape of a wounded fox - Colin Greenwood - Shooting Times - 16th March 2000.

It should not be supposed, by anyone who has no experience of stalking, that any animal fairly struck by a bullet drops dead on the spot. It would be gratifying if this were the case but many factors combine to make this state of affairs the exception rather than the role - Morrison 1979 Journal of the British Deer Society

Head and neck shots are only undertaken consistently by very experienced stalkers. The chest shot, which damages one or more of the heart, lungs and major thoracic blood vessels, presents a larger and less risky target. However several minutes may elapse before the deer dies - Peter Green 1992 Stalking Magazine

If there was any reduction in fox control using dogs, this would have to be compensated by an increase in other methods of control to ensure no increase in local fox numbers - MAAF.

In comparison to the problems faced by rabbits', rats, fish and cat predation, hunting is of negligible importance in welfare issues - David MacDonald - BBC2 October 1996.

Hunting with hounds was the only method of control considered humane with similar frequency by fanners regardless of whether they sustained fox damage - David W. MacDonald and Paul J. Johnson - The Exploitation of Mammal Populations.

This organization is opposed to the use of dogs to chase, terrify, attack and kill wild mammals be it for pleasure or for control purposes - Les Ward - Advocates for Animals July 2000.

There is not a single moral or intellectual argument in defense of foxhunting - Elliot Morley - Former Parliamentary Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture.

I am against foxhunting, hare coursing and other blood sports, and I see very little point in my visiting the hunt - Nick Brown - Former Minister of Agriculture.

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