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Welfare Advisors

The following individuals are classified as Welfare Advisors on the basis that they currently lead on key issues for British Wildlife Management, or have made major contributions in providing advice and evidence in support of our aims, over the past twenty years of lobbying for best practice, on behalf of all wildlife managers and wildlife management.

Professor Charles Stirton – International Botanist.
Paul Gregory – Legal Specialist and Whistle-Blower.
Fairfax Luxmoore – Upland Farming and Agriculture Specialist.
Richard Mawdsley – Upland Farming and Environmental Specialist.
Suzanne Greenhill – Agriculture and Livestock Production.
John Pratt – Upland Farming, Livestock and Agriculture.
John Bingley – Leading Specialist on the British Constitution.
Admiral Sir Jim Eberle – Specialist in the Management of Hares.
John Jackson – Wildlife Management and Legal Specialist.
John Pugh – Uplands Wildlife Management Specialist and Farmer.
Richard Course – Wildlife Welfare Specialist.
Professor Valerius Gueist – International Specialist on Deer.
John Bryant – Wildlife Welfare Specialist.
Tom Greeves – Specialist on all issues relating to Dartmoor
Professor Patrick Lowe – Leading Wildlife Management Specialist.
Lindsay Waddell – Gamekeeper and former English Nature Council Member.
Professor Patrick Bateson – Welfare Scientist,
Professor Twink Allen – Veterinary and Wildlife Management Specialist.
Dr Douglas Wise – Veterinary and Wildlife Management Specialist.
Tom Yandle – Farmer and Deer Management Specialist.
Barry Wade – Working Terrier Specialist.
Adrian Blackmore – Upland Wildlife Management Specialist.
Hugh Thomas – Land and Wildlife Management Specialist.
John Gallagher – Veterinary Specialist on Bovine TB.
Charles Harding – Deer Management Specialist.
David Denny – Agricultural Livestock Veterinary Surgeon,
James Hawthorne – Deer Management Specialist using Scent Hounds.
Deborah Mallender – Livestock Farmer and Specialist on Britain’s Ponies.
Peter Green – Veterinary Surgeon and Deer Welfare Specialist.
David Whitby – Leading Gamekeeper and Deer Manager.
Dr Ian Addison – Veterinary Specialist on Animal Behaviour.
Professor John Webster – Animal Husbandry, Welfare and Behaviour.
David Manley – Proposed Wildlife Management regulatory body coordinator.
Peter Watson – Deer Management Specialist.
Geoff Eyre – Pioneer in Upland Management technologies and practice.
Hugh Warmington – Farmer and Wildlife Manager.
Charles Critchley – Wildlife Management Specialist.
Dr Nick Fox – Birds of Prey Breeder and Welfare Specialist.
Robert Bucknall – Shooting Specialist.
Paul Caruana – Field Manager for the Krebs Trials under Defra.
Brian Fanshawe – Hunting with Hounds Specialist.
Mark Elliott – Veterinary Surgeon and Deer Management Specialist.
Dick Bailey – Leading stalking training specialist for St Huberts.
Alan Tyer – Lurcher Use and Welfare Specialist.
Gordon Pearce – Former League Against Cruel Sports Stalker.
Mike Keeble – Uplands and Agricultural Livestock Specialist.
Ruth Thrower – Deer Hunting and Management on the Quantocks.
Dr Lewis Thomas – Veterinary Specialist.
Professor Roger Harris – Specialist in the Science of Exercise.  
Simon Thorpe – Director of the Heather Trust.
Martin Gillibrand – Former director of the Moorland Association. 
Simon Bostock – Former chairman of the Moorland Association.
Hugh Oliver Bellasis – Integrating agriculture with wildlife management. 
Donald Anderson – Forestry management and the New Forest.
Patrick Gordon Duff Pennington – Former Chairman of the British Deer Society and the Deer Commission of Scotland.
Richard Brunstrom – Former leader of Defra’s Partnership Against Wildlife Crime.
Peter Sealy – Wildlife Filming and West County Naturalist.
Dafydd Morris – Upland Sheep farming on Snowdonia.
Denys White – Specialist with detailed knowledge of the Quantocks.
Keith Erlandson – Naturalist and Wildlife Management Specialist.
Peter Greenhill – Lifetime of knowledge in the livestock industry.
Patrick Lowe – Wildlife management specialist formally based at the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology.
Peter Bay – Experience in the ecology of South Sudan.
Robin Page - Specialist in understanding the common sense of combining farming and wildlife management.
Chris Newman – Leading herpetologist.
Chris Mead – Former director of the British Trust for Ornithology.
Tom Evans – Specialist in Upland Sheep Farming.

This list is by no means exclusive and many more names and further details will be added as we progress on our path – Edmund Marriage - 29th NOV 2013

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