Dartmoor - An Area of Outstanding Management Neglect ?

Dartmoor – An Area of Outstanding Management Neglect ?  
– Destruction of the British Uplands, more than half the land area of the British Isles.

Europe’s Wildlife Crisis (Link to DOC)

This presentation features the environmental, ecological, farming and social cataclysm in Britain, deliberately created by left wing politicians, advised by environmentalists and ecologists with no practical skills, overturning more than 6,000 years of best farming and wildlife management practices, together with the long established roles of more than thirty master craftsmen, including agronomists, whose practical skills cannot be replaced.

To throw light on this complex problem, justify the claims made above and offer clear solutions, the component subjects listed below are taken step by step over a two hour period on this video. Best advice is to watch in two parts and take your time on subjects which interest you. Detailed documents are available on request.

Subjects: Natural History and Background – Great sophistication of Britain before Romans, Greeks and Egyptians – Importance of Understanding Climate Change – Upland Grazing Animals and Wildlife – Endangered Species - Government Targets in 1962 – Adverse Impact of the EU – Saving our Country and the Uplands – Food Security for Britain and the World – Currency Factors Removing the Level Playing Fields for Profit and Survival – Uplands Management Neglect – Case Study – Three Principles of Wildlife Management – All year round Habitat, Food and Water and Protection from predators, human disturbance and disease

Upland Habitat Provision - Seeds are the Key for all Habitat Needs - Predator-Prey Species Imbalances – Ticks – Heather Beetle – Bracken – Water Supplies – Soil Erosion and Degradation – Lime – Burning – Badgers – Proof of Misconduct in Public Office – TB under control in three years – Restoration of Uplands as carried out on Howden Moor – Saving our endangered Human species - Planting Trees – Required Actions and Simple Solutions.