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RSPCA Promoting Spring Fox Vixen Slaughter 15.6.97 (added 30.5.05)

Press Release
RSPCA Promoting Spring Fox Vixen Slaughter


The RSPCA, who have flow reversed their 1951 Pro-Hunting Policy, without explanation or by the production of reasoned argument required under Charity Commission Guidelines, arc promoting shooting as the most efficient method of Fox control

More foxes are shot in the month of March, than in any other month of the year, when most vixen's are pregnant or nursing cubs.

Foxes are shot using shot guns, light rifles and heavy rifles, which can result in an unsatisfactorily high percentage of wounding (more than 30%), which are then not followed up. The best estimate of the annual numbers of shooting victims from these three methods is 135,000. In terms of annual physical suffering units, this represents some 40,500. The March figure of pregnant and nursing Vixens, taken in the existing annual cull is estimated at more than 12,500 of which a wounded and not followed up figure, could be as high as 4,000

British Wildlife Management claim that this situation is of concern in responsible shooting circles where many shooting experts, where possible, leave the role of the management of the fox population to the cost free range of more humane methods, used by both registered and un-registered 'hunts'.

British Wildlife Management are seeking a response and full statement on this and other related welfare issues, including the humane treatment of animal road traffic injury victims, from the RSPCA Deputy Director Derek Sayce and Elliot Morley MP.

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