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Shooting Times 20.2.03 Divide and Rule (added 8.4.05)



The Editor
Shooting Times
Room 2025 - IPC Media
King's Reach Tower
Stamford Hill
London SE1 9LS

20th February 2003

Dear Sir,

Divide and Rule

Those observing over time Elliot Morley's successful and transparent divide and rule strategy, know that shooting has no future under Labour, when the wide range of hunting methods have been removed.

The weight of Parliamentary votes, which will allow this to happen are in place, as is the social dislike, prejudice, misleading propaganda and bribes from the powerful animal rights lobby.

Christopher Graffius' enthusiasm (All-party support 20 February) and BASC's past skills in promoting shooting has been far more successful, than the attempts by others to explain and promote the wide range of hunting methods, which are central and crucial to rural and wildlife survival throughout the Britain Islands.

Christopher Graffius and his colleagues at BASC will convince us all of their commitment not to promote shooting at the expense of hunting, when they accept the following proposals within the Code of Good Shooting Practice.

1. No shooting of foxes, hare and deer without an effective means of following up a wounded animal.

2. Compulsory hound work organised to ensure that the sick, weak, diseased and injured foxes, hares and deer are located, and dispatched as quickly as possible to reduce natural suffering levels.

Only when a genuine working partnership exists between those who shoot, and those who deploy the wide range of hunting methods, will the eighty year old conflict and downtrend in wildlife welfare and wildlife management standards be reversed.

Yours truly,

Edmund Marriage - British Wildlife Management

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