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A Veterinary Opinion on Hunting with Hounds (added 31.5.05)

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A Veterinary Opinion on Hunting with Hounds

"Hunting with hounds is the natural and most humane way of controlling the population of all four quarry species, fox, deer, hare and mink, in the countryside"

Supported by over 520 members of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons - Endorsed by 63% of rural vets in NOP Survey of 1OOO RCVS members Sept.2001

  • Wild animals are used to hunting or being hunted. They are adapted to it by evolution. What might be a devastating experience for man or even a domestic animal is part of normal daily life in the wild
  • Wild (and domestic animals) are almost certainly without the relevant parts of the brain necessary to perceive the human concepts of death and fear
  • For the major part of any hunt the quarry is under no abnormal stress
  • Stress in the short final stage of a hunt is equivalent to no more than that of strenuous exercise
  • The kill is almost instantaneous and above all certain
  • Stress induced analgesia will mitigate or eliminate any pain
  • Hunting leaves no wounded or damaged survivors
  • Quarry that evade hounds rapidly return to normal behaviour
  • Hunting performs a vital search and dispatch function for the weak and sick

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