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Dog Survives Gun Attack (added 25.3.05)

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Dog Survives Gun Attack

Dog survives gun attack
By Richard Savill

Vets paid tribute to the courage of a dog who survived a suspected shotgun attack that left him with 150 pellets embedded in his face, his tongue almost severed and most of his teeth blown out.
Bud, a three-year-old rotttweiler, has undergone eight operations since he was found in June in Winterbourne near Bristol.
Police believe Bud was shot deliberately but have not been able to establish a motive or trace his owner.
Kirsty Bayley, a vet who is treating Bud at the Rowe Veterinary Hospital at Bradley Stoke, Bristol, said "He has a tremendous spirit".

"There is no way that a genuine welfarist can support the killing of foxes by the use of a shotgun" - Richard Course in his submission to the Burns Inquiry. He led the League Against Cruel Sport's efforts to ban hunting for 10 years before he changed his mind.

The availability of well supervised trained working dogs to find, follow up and dispatch sick and wounded foxes is a central welfare role and principle when shotguns are being used through culling necessity.

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