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Climate Change - The Key External Factors.

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The Labour Party’s Climate Change Act committed a UK expenditure of £500bn by 2040 to deal with reducing carbon emissions and providing alternatives to fossil fuels in the fraudulent belief that CO2 was a harmful greenhouse gas, when in fact it is totally beneficial for life, even in concentrations four times current levels.  Please see the supporting documents on the science of CO2, and how Cosmic rays and other external influences create the large water droplets in low level clouds, which cool the oceans and subsequently cool the planet.

As a consequence of the Labour Party’s Climate Change Act and current Government Policy on Energy, our electricity costs are double those of Germany and France, and many other trade competitors around the world.

Energy costs average around 40% of the costs of industry world-wide, thus the green global warming lobby in Britain are putting Britain out of business, as we can see from the very large number of job losses in steel, chemicals, manufacturing etc.
The two major pollutants nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide have only just been recognised.


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