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'Least Suffering' Should Be for Life - ISAH Press Release (15.11.05)

The Independent Supervisory Authority for Hunting Press Release

The Independent Supervisory Authority for Hunting
Release - Immediate - 16th October 2003


'Least Suffering' Should Be for Life

ISAH has published its first, preliminary 2003 Review of Hunting Practice based on reports and inspections of individual hunts. The principles that govern the ISAH supervision of hunting are:

  • Humanity: 'least suffering'
  • Utility: effective management of the quarry species
  • Stewardship: sensitive management of the living environment

The principle of humanity requires the hunting communities to consider the lifetime welfare of all animals. ISAH believe that 'least suffering' should not be interpreted simply in regard to the method of killing the quarry species.

One item of evidence of humanity and utility is that 44% of all red deer culls were casualties of road accident or shot wounds.

As evidence of stewardship we record that 90% of hunts reporting to ISAH were actively engaged in conservation projects and one third had active links with other conservation bodies. However ISAH would wish to see further development of these projects and links with the many groups already engaged in conservation and wildlife management. With good will, the hunting communities have the potential to make an enormous contribution to the sensitive and effective management of the living countryside by virtue of their numbers, their widespread distribution and their commitment to the natural world.

We suggest that any legislation for the regulation of hunting should become part of a rational Bill for the humane management of all wildlife. Evidence acquired from this, the first preliminary ISAH review of hunting practice, suggests that a Bill which destroys the present and potential contribution of the hunting communities to the sustained stewardship of the living countryside is likely to do more harm than good to the very animals it seeks to protect.

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